The support you need to transform your life and start getting everything you want and deserve.

Take positive steps toward improving your fitness, career, relationships, finances and more, with this

10-week intensive program.

Successful people may tell you that getting the life you want is easy once you put your mind to it - and be persistent about it - but the truth is...
  • You're working on it, but it feels like you're not making any progress.
  • You've read books, watched webinars, and taken self-paced programs on self-development, but they don't seem to work for you.
  • You feel like a failure because other people are succeeding where you're not.
  • You're afraid to make the necessary changes that will bring balance to your life. Because... what if you fail?
  • You don't know where to find the answers to your specific problems. Everyone is different! Right?
What you need is...
  • A step-by-step process of how to start creating the life you dream of.
  • Detailed videos, scripts and guides to show you exactly what you need to do in each step to transform every area of your life.
  • A way to get over limiting beliefs and roadblocks that might get in your way of living a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  • Someone to support you and give actionable advice on specific questions that will arise during YOUR journey.  
If this is you, I can help...


A unique 10-week course combined with private coaching that will help you change all areas of your life and find more balance.

Oola Transform is a step-by-step program that helps you create the life you want, without feeling that you're on your own. In 10 weeks, you'll confidently design and start implementing a specific plan of action to achieve your dreams, without wondering if you're doing it right!

Oola Transform is a proven method developed by the Oola Guys - Dr Troy and Dr Dave - based on their book "Oola: Find Balance In An Unbalanced World", which has helped hundreds of thousands of people create a life of less stress, more balance and joy. An Oola Life.

What is Oola:

Living your Oola Life means working towards a life that seeks balance and growth in 7 key areas of health and wellness. Gain the energy to find joy each and every day. Feel secure in your finances. Do what you love. Feel deep connections with friends and family. Confidently find your purpose on this planet. That's Oola.

What you'll get...
(for 10 weeks)
  • Weekly emails with study modules, which include video guides, learning tools and detailed instructions for the week, to set you up for success. 


  • Weekly 30-minute private coaching sessions with me to discuss problems and solutions for whatever you're working on that week. I'll be there to guide and support you every step of the way.


  • Become part of the fantastic Oola community and find help and support from like-minded people. (lifelong)
To create this ground-breaking program, the Oola Guys have drawn from more than 30 years’ worth of experience in discovering, implementing, and verifying what makes people’s lives balanced, growing and happy.
What you'll learn...
  • Develop a plan to “reinvent” yourself, looking at the most important categories in your life— from your finances to your health to your career and more.


  • Create a prioritised list of strategies for bringing immediate change to your daily life.


  • Set goals that can be broken down into achievable steps.


  • Set your ONE GOAL that will up-level every area of your life.


  • Transform your health, body image, mental well-being and energy levels, so you have the stamina and clarity to achieve your biggest future successes.


  • Build a support team of smart, reliable people who can advise and help you as you grow.


  • Free your time to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve with personal productivity strategies designed to maximise your time off.


  • Establish financial controls for your new life and begin allocating cash-flow for debt-elimination, financial independence, retirement and other projects you want to pursue.


  • Dream big again—knowing you can achieve your biggest goals.

What others say:

Oola. A life well lived from the inside out.


For me, it started with the death of my parents within 3 weeks of each other back in 2016.


Finding my way back from the depths of grief has been a beautiful and challenging journey. With Oola, I've learned to love the process. The framework to live by is not for the faint at heart, the person looking for a quick fix, a magic pill to make life's struggles go away, or someone else to do the work so I can reap the benefits. No, it's a system that empowers me to design my best life, prepare for the obstacles, focus on what's truly important in this time I'm here on earth all the while providing love and grace with supportive accountability. The community is incomparable and priceless.


Laugh often, love relentlessly, live Oola!


Erin D.

Before Oola, I didn’t have a good perspective on how to balance fun in my life. I was always finding reasons to be busy and consumed with completing my daily to-do list. I was choosing to complete my “busy list” versus balancing fun in my life. This caused isolation and guilt in my life because I felt I didn’t deserve to have fun. This form of punishment stemmed from my childhood.


Recently I was introduced to Oola... I was curious to learn what this Oola thing was all about... I discovered that I needed to forgive myself and bring back the “little girl” in me that was forgotten about over the years.


Within months, I discovered ways to allow my “little girl” to have fun by using the Oola Framework! This framework showed me how to be intentional, and authentic and to forgive myself. I now accept invitations to concerts, social dinners, and girls’ getaway weekends with my friends. I’m so much happier now than I have ever been. I don’t feel that isolation or guilt anymore...


Kathy G.

meet your coach

Hey, I'm myrto

I am a certified Deep Coach and an Oola Life  & Green Gab Coach, a Canfield Success Principles & Methodology Trainer, and a RIM essentials Facilitator. I'm a co-author of two Amazon International Best Sellers.


My motto

Life is just a learning playground.  Don't take it too seriously.


I live in Athens, Greece, and sometimes, early morning, you can find me at the beach. I'm vegan, have three cats, and love nature. Music and dancing have a special place in my heart. I enjoy long lunches with friends. Meditation, yoga and cooking inspire and ground me.


My why: I know what it feels like to be desperate, unhappy and lonely. Been there, done that... struggling with my “good girl” attitude for almost half a century! Trapped at my "must do's", tryin' to please everybody (and failing miserably). Craving to feel liked and worthy. Until I went through a healing and transformational process and found myself. I want to support you with whatever challenges you're experiencing in your life! You don't have to do it alone because I'm here for you.


My how: I help and support you to find answers and make the positive changes you need to create the life you dream of. Using the same - tested and proven - tools I've used to change my life around. With a lot of fun and energy. I am a sound ear. With analysis and discussion, we come up with the best solutions for you.  


With Oola Transform we'll work together creatively, productively and playfully to find exactly what you need to move forward.

I'm here to support you on your journey to your Oola Life. A life of more balance, fulfilment and purpose.

You've invested time and money in other programs before, but you never had someone to be there for you every step of the way... 


After all the investments you made, you're still feeling miserable or a failure in some areas of your life.


Now, you can start to consistently make changes in your life and see results fast!

Here's the truth...

Watching free webinars and even paying for self-paced courses may show you the how... but won't give you solutions to your specific problems. 


If you truly want to change your life and see real progress, you not only need a great method... you also need support and accountability during your journey.


You need someone to be there for you, brainstorm solutions with you, and give you a push when you feel like giving up. Because you're worth it.

That's what you'll get with Oola Transform!
Other courses may offer support through online group calls or private social media groups.


The thing is... not everyone wants to go public with their issues. Also, specific problems require specific solutions.


In Oola Transform, YOU are the only focus. Every week, for 10 weeks, we'll meet privately, working on different areas of your life, to discuss what you want and need.  


During this time, you'll create the foundations to continue moving towards your dream life after you finish the course.

Ready to start building the skills and confidence to achieve what you wish for you and your loved ones?

When you join Oola Transform, you'll receive a step-by-step plan you can immediately start implementing. And you'll get the support you need wherever you get stuck.

Price $997

 10 weeks of action-steps, guidance and personal support

It's time to invest in you!